How to transform your product by giving it context

Even world-class products can fail if they are presented within a lousy context. No product exists in isolation yet we rarely deliberately set context for our products. Here I give an example of a product with a weak context, how we fixed it and how it transformed our business.

B2B SaaS: Evolving from founder selling to a sales team

For SaaS companies with a somewhat complicated buyer motion, the sales process usually evolves as the company grows. In my opinion the process should evolve to relieve the congestion that the naturally occurs in the sales funnel and not before that because building a sales team too quickly comes with a lot of risk.

What The Heck Is Your Product Really?

Many products can be positioned in more than one category, yet few product creators really explore more than one frame of reference for their product. This is an example from a pitch contest I judged last week.

Leaky Buckets, Death Stink and True Love

The past 8 months has been a whirlwind of action for me. In October I acquired Sprintly – an agile project management tool for startups, along with the original founder, Joe Stump. It’s been an incredible experience so far and definitely the most fun project I have worked on in my career yet. As part of getting Sprintly re-started, I’ve been out doing some talks and podcasts about my experience in running the business so far and I thought I should share those here for folks that have been wondering what’s new.

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