Nobody likes awards more than I do.  I like giving people awards so much that at pretty much every company I have ever worked at I have started some sort of award or recognition program.  Why?  Because, everyone likes to get an award for pete’s sake, even if the contest is sort of narrow or kludgy or fixed or whatever.

So imagine my great excitement to see that I made it into the top 10 Most Influential Women in Social Media in Canada!!  It’s amazing! It’s fantastic!  I’m on the same list as real famous people like Amber MacArthur and super-duper bloggers like Kate Trogvac and the person I personally nominated, Jacqui Murphy (because my definition of “influential” means “controls the cash”).
You might be wondering how did I get on this list?  What is the secret to my amazing “influence”.  I will share my secret with you dear readers.
Yep.  I’ve got a very big family and that includes a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins, each with internet access and a vested interest in elevating the visibility of the Dunford family name.  Yes, my friends got out and voted for me when I bribed them with beer.  Even a few of you lovely readers got in on the voting action.  But what really separated the good from the great was a massive gene pool and the tempting prospect of taking credit for propelling one of their own into geographically constrained internet semi-stardom when we talk about this at the family get-together at Easter.
So you want to be internet famous?  Do what comes naturally and start working on a big family of your own.  If that doesn’t work out for you (hey, don’t tell me you didn’t having fun trying), find a big family (with internet access, this is important) and get them to adopt you.  Next thing you know, you will be rolling in awards and you will have me to thank for it.