I had a conversation with “the Mesh guys” (what will they do if they ever get a gal working with them!?) and they have invited me to speak at MeshU on April 6th.  Oh boy, I’m so excited!

MeshU is a 1 day educational event focused on folks in the startup community.  Who should attend?  According to the MeshU web site:

You know who you are. You live and breathe technology – what it can do and what it can mean in people‘s lives. Every new tool, new approach and new technology? You’re there first. As a developer, you were using AJAX when most people thought it was only a cleaning product. As a project manager, you were deploying agile development across your team before the term even existed. As a designer, your passion for designing great user experience is so profound it hurts. And when others catch up, you’ve already moved on. Pushing, innovating, leading. It’s what you do.

Whoa. All that “live and breathe technology” stuff is just a bit too Terminator for me.  Good thing April is “channel your inner Sarah Connor” month so I’ll have no choice but to kick some living, breathing technology butt!

The MeshU schedule has tracks for technology folks, design folks and “management”.  Not only am I in the “management” track but I am also the very last session of the day. Here’s the schedule, and here is my session description:

A great product and user experience can only take a company so far. With no marketing budget and limited people to get things done, taking a focused approach to going after a market is the only way to grow quickly. But talking about market focus is much easier than actually doing it. How do you assess a market when you can’t afford to buy market data? How do you decide which partnerships to chase after and which aren’t worth your time? Are you fishing where the fish are or shark hunting in a fish bowl?

This session will be a practical overview of how to get started building a market strategy without breaking the bank. The session will give specific examples of how startups can gain real market traction and how you can (and can’t) win against the big guys. The session will include an open discussion where the group can share experiences and discuss specific problems and roadblocks.

Help me out a bit here folks.  I am the LAST session of the day.  That means I am the only thing standing between MeshU attendees and beer, er, I mean, networking!  Does that session grab you by your cyborg parts or does it scream “Happy hour starts early, wah-hoo!” to you?

Are you going to MeshU?  What would you like to hear me talk about?  Give me some help in the comments people, I’m counting on you!