If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a big fan of giving awards and I’m also a big fan of winning awards.  So I’m very pleased to announce that this blog has been selected as a “Top Product Management Blog” by the clearly very intelligent people at The Daily Reviewer.  From their site:

The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds).
We sift through thousands of blogs daily to present you the world’s
best writers. The blogs that we include are authoritative on their
respective niche topics and are widely read. To be included in The
Daily Reviewer is a mark of excellence.

Did you read that?  A mark of excellence.  And I didn’t even have to get my cousins to vote for me .

I also get to put this cool I-just-won-first-place-at-the-county-fair ribbon graphic thingy that you will now see proudly displayed to your right.

I did notice that Rocket Watcher is not enjoying the top row position that it currently does on Alltop however I’m quite confident that once I work my marketing magic on whoever the Guy Kawasaki equivalent is over there I’ll bump those Web Ink Now / Lead on Purpose / Spatially Relevant dudes right out of their top row spots.

Not that I’m competitive.  I just like winning.

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