This week I got an invitation from someone to connect on LinkedIn and I noticed a change in the text they are using.  The previous invitations I received had the subject line that said: “Join my Network on LinkedIn.”  The latest one I received said “John Smith wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn.”

The difference might not seem like much on the surface but from a product marketing perspective this seems like a big change to me.  There are the obvious benefits to putting the person’s name in the subject line, thus making it easier to figure out who’s doing the inviting, but the more interesting change in my view is the change from “joining a network” to “staying in touch”.  The first is passive and lets me draw my own conclusions about what the benefits are of joining someone’s network.  The second subject line is much more active and attempts to articulate the specific value of why you might want to join that person’s network – i.e. so you can stay in touch.  If you do a lot of networking and have used LinkedIn for ages  the change probably doesn’t mean much but I suspect for people who are new to LinkedIn and perhaps even new to networking in general, the new subject line makes a whole lot more sense.

In your own company you can probably think of a dozen messages like the LinkedIn subject line, that you are putting in front of your customers everyday.  Do they all reflect your company’s value as much as they could?

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