Next Monday is DemoCamp Toronto which is the must-attend monthly gathering of designers, developers, and entrepreneurs in Toronto’s tech startup scene.  These events have been happening for over 5 years and keep getting bigger and better.

There’s a great lineup of startup presenting this time around:

There will also be noodles.  There are more details in David Crow’s post and if you haven’t got a ticket yet you should do so quickly because these events almost always sell out.

Please Tell Me What You Want To Hear

But wait, that’s not all – I get to speak too!  David asked me to give a talk to kick things off on customer development, product/market fit and building a startup marketing plan.  Here’s what I’m planning on covering in my talk:

1/ What exactly is a “lean startup” and how is that different from just being poor
2/ An introduction of Customer Development and how that changes the marketing function at a startup
3/ What is product/market fit and how do you know when you have it
4/ What does a lean startup marketing plan look like
5/ Why market segmentation still matters and messaging is still hard
6/ How to transition from marketing to early adopters to a broader audience

Does that sound interesting to you?  Is there something else you’d like to hear?  Should I just stand up and tell jokes instead (hey I’ve been to DemoCamp and I know exactly how hard an audience this is)?

If you could let me know in the comments, I would really, really appreciate it.