Marketing StinksThere are a lot of reasons your marketing might not be smelling like a rose.  There’s a saying that when you live in the barn, you can’t smell the pigs.  I invite you to poke around your own pen to discover the source of that funky smell coming from your marketing by checking out these five reasons your marketing might stink:

  1. You don’t know who you are marketing to – One man’s stilton is another man’s stinky cheese.  Your marketing can only be as good as your understanding of the segments your are going after and why those segments love what you are selling.  The less defined those segments are, the more likely that your marketing isn’t going to really speak to them and get them to act.
  2. Your messages are incomprehensible – Are you messages are a jargon-filled buffet of meaningless trendy words and vague descriptors?  When people come to your website, how long does it take them to figure out what you do and whether or not it’s right for them?
  3. You keep doing stuff that doesn’t work – Maybe you’re not measuring the results of your tactics or maybe you’re just strangely attached to doing a particular tradeshow even though you know the ROI isn’t there.  Whatever the reason, not being able to show a decent ROI on your tactics is a great sign that your customers are running away holding their noses.
  4. Your marketing is boring – Does anyone share your content?  How much are folks talking about what you are doing? People won’t come right out and tell you your marketing stinks, they will simply ignore it.  In the age of social media, having boring marketing is almost as bad as not doing any at all.
  5. Your marketing is actually fine (it’s your product that stinks) – All the great marketing in the world isn’t going to make up for the fact that nobody really wants what you’ve got.  If you are unsure whether or not you have a product that a certain group of people love, then you need to stop wasting your marketing dollars until you are sure.

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