I’ve talked about pre-launch marketing before and one of the things I think most startups can benefit from is a landing page that allows potentially interested prospects to sign up to receive information when your product/service launches.  I’ve seen loads of these around lately and for something so seemingly simple, it’s amazing how varied they can be.

Here are a few things you might want to think about when you are putting yours up:

1/ Give folks a bit of information to help them self-select – Chances are you aren’t looking for just anyone to be part of your initial customer group so you will need to give folks enough information to say “Hey I might be interested in that.” or “Uh, I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t need to know when your iPhone app is is beta.”  It seems like a wasted opportunity to me to have nothing but your company name up there. Having a statement about the problem doesn’t give anything away about your potential solution and will help motivate the right folks to sign up.

2/ Have some outbound links if you want (but they should be yours) – I’ve seen some odd landing pages recently where the page has been created with a tool and contains links (I saw one today that had FOUR links) back to the tool. You might want to consider using another tool and replacing those links with links to your blog, your Twitter account, your Facebook page, or your LinkedIn page.  If you’ve got someone’s attention it makes sense to direct that to your company rather than MailChimp or Google or whoever.

3/ Give folks an easy way to share your site – again, you aren’t looking for thousands of folks to sign up at this point but you are looking for a certain type of person.  Why not make it easy for that person to share your site with other folks they think might be interested? You can articulate some broad parameters around who you are looking for and then ask folks to forward on to others.  This can be done on the site or on the confirmation email after folks sign up.  Again, this isn’t going to get you thousands of sign-ups but it might get you a couple of leads on potential beta testers you wouldn’t have captured otherwise.

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