Pretty Please Vote for Me and I Will Buy You Beer


You have to admit I rarely pester you folks for anything. Am I wrong? Sure, if I show up in your town I’m likely to bug you to buy me beer. That’s different and besides, I’m Canadian, it’s cultural.

Today however, I ‘m going to bug you for something. I want you to vote for a session I have submitted to SXSW this year. You can vote by clicking on this link (and hey, if you left a comment and shared it that would also be super-duper cool). It’s called Random Acts of Marketing are Killing Your Startup.

It’s a talk that I’m really dying to do. I have given variations on this talk a couple of times – once at StartupFest in Montreal last year and again at a talk I did for  MaRS (a startup and innovation hub here in Toronto). The talk is about how to correct the biggest marketing problem that I’ve seen at startups – the random nature of their marketing efforts. I’ve been exploring how to teach a startup how to build a repeatable, predictable marketing system. This talk will give me a chance to talk about that along with a tool and a process that I’ve developed to help startups get this done.

This is the talk from StartupFest

…and here is the talk I did at MaRS


I rarely travel to conferences just to attend them so if my talk gets accepted I am going to have to be in Austin in March, which is completely awesome. And if I go I will buy each and every one of you a beer. I can’t help myself, I’m Canadian like that.

So pretty please click over here and give me a vote, a comment, a share and I will love you forever and buy you a beer. OK I will still love you even if you don’t vote for me but you are going to have to come to Toronto for the beer. Voting is over on Friday so do it now!