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by April Dunford

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When “Free” Doesn’t Work: Anderson made me mad. Godin didn’t.


Marketing folks understand the importance of expectation setting.  Marketing text books are filled with cautionary tales of companies that promised more than they could deliver and were punished by customers for it.  “Under-promise and over-deliver” is a worn out phrase around my office. Let’s take the matter of pricing for example.  If your customer expects […]

Google Chrome OS: Dissecting A Great Marketing Announcement


Last week I was having a heated discussion with another marketer about Google’s marketing and my position was that Google’s marketing hasn’t impressed me much.  And by marketing I mean the way they launch, message and position products.  The exception has been Google Chrome which I’ve written about before and I thought was a good […]

Making it Real


When talking about the benefits of a product or service, it helps to have quantifiable results or metrics.  It’s one thing to be able to say that your product is “high performance”, but quite another to say it’s “Twice as fast” as your leading competitor. Often however, these results can still be a bit intangible […]

Value Propositions 101


Everyone has their own favorite way of creating a value proposition.  As I have mentioned before I like the one defined in Crossing the Chasm.  The format looks like this: For: (bulls-eye customer) Who: (key purchase motivation insight) Our product is a: (customer language) That: (key benefit) Unlike: (key competitors) Ours: (key differentiators) At a […]

Marketing Penalty Cards


You know you’ve been there.  You’re in a meeting with some marketers and someone starts throwing words around like “next generation”, “game changing” or “leverage” just once too often and you start wondering if there is such a thing as marketing jail and if so, how exactly do you send someone there.  Well my dear readers […]

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