Startup Marketing and Sales
by April Dunford

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7 Rules for Perfect Press Releases


Nearly every startup I have worked with has been nervous about writing press releases. Lack of experience is one reason but people also think there are a set of secret rules to writing one “properly.” I’m also hearing startups say they believe press releases are irrelevant in an age of social media. I disagree. The majority of press releases really suck, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When “Free” Doesn’t Work: Anderson made me mad. Godin didn’t.


Marketing folks understand the importance of expectation setting.  Marketing text books are filled with cautionary tales of companies that promised more than they could deliver and were punished by customers for it.  “Under-promise and over-deliver” is a worn out phrase around my office. Let’s take the matter of pricing for example.  If your customer expects […]

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