Startup Marketing and Sales
by April Dunford

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early adopters

5 Considerations when Marketing to Early Adopters


Research shows that there are a set of factors that effect the rate of adoption of a new innovation. Clearly product characteristics are a critical factor each of these but there isn’t a single one where marketing can’t have at least some impact. Here are a set of things to consider when marketing to early adopters.

Product/Market fit and Market/Product fit


Gaining early market traction as a lot to do with getting the right products for your market but it’s also important to define who the early adopting customers are in that market. The way you construct your value propositions, your call to action, how you attract early customers and possibly the look and feel of your early product will be influenced by what you define those early segments to be.

Finding First Customers


The topic of what sort of marketing a startup should do to land the first few customers has come up a few times lately so I decided it was worth a short, simple post. Question: What sort of marketing should my startup do to secure our first couple of customers? Answer: None. Simple, huh?  The […]