Startup Marketing and Sales
by April Dunford

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5 Considerations when Marketing to Early Adopters


Research shows that there are a set of factors that effect the rate of adoption of a new innovation. Clearly product characteristics are a critical factor each of these but there isn’t a single one where marketing can’t have at least some impact. Here are a set of things to consider when marketing to early adopters.

Is Facebook’s Zuckerberg Right? Sometimes Listening to Your Customers is “Stupid.”


There is a lot of talk this week about the new Facebook redesign and how much some users dislike it.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg allegedly said that “the most disruptive companies don’t listen to their customers.”  On the surface this sounds completely insane!  We’re supposed to listen to customers, aren’t we? Well, sort of, sometimes. […]

Innovating Through Recession


Paul Dunay at Buzz Marketing writes a post here pointing to a research paper by Andrew Razeghi from the Kellogg School of Management on Innovating Through Recession. Andrew makes 7 great points in this paper but I love the first one where he states: Listen to the market. It’s quieter when it’s less crowded. Unmet […]