Startup Marketing and Sales
by April Dunford

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Product Management

Competitive Intelligence Startup Style


Startups often spend way too much time worrying about the minute details of features and functions that their competitors deliver. In my opinion the only way that startups should look at their competition is through the eyes of their customers and feature/function checklists don’t matter.

Value not Features – 2 Stories from the Trenches


Product Marketing and Product Management are disciplines where the theory is easily understood but practical execution is really hard. I asked Tim Johnson to share a couple of his favorite “from the trenches” stories to illustrate how shifting the focus from “product features” to “value to the customer” can make a huge difference.

I’m the #1 PM Blogger!


The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) held their educational conference this week and hosted a “Battle of the Product Management Bloggers” contest which I was happy to be asked to take part in.  At short notice my travel plans changed and when I let them know I couldn’t make it, they invited […]

Your Company Can Ignore Social Media but You Can’t


I am not a Social Media Marketer.  I am a Product Marketer.  I’ve worked on products where we’ve done a lot of social media related things and others where we have done almost nothing.  In my mind, that is perfectly OK.  As a marketer however, I think it is essential that I’m participating in social […]