Startup Marketing and Sales
by April Dunford


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Value not Features – 2 Stories from the Trenches


Product Marketing and Product Management are disciplines where the theory is easily understood but practical execution is really hard. I asked Tim Johnson to share a couple of his favorite “from the trenches” stories to illustrate how shifting the focus from “product features” to “value to the customer” can make a huge difference.

Content Marketing and “Trusted Advisors”


In many larger organizations, sales folks are trained to become “trusted advisors” to their accounts. To attain this status, account managers need to demonstrate a deep understanding of the customer’s environment and pains and offer valued advice and support. It strikes me that this is exactly the goal of a great content marketing strategy.

Are Those Leads Really Sales Ready?


Startups selling larger sized deals don’t generally concern themselves very much with managing a pipeline of leads at the beginning.  Most of the BtoB focused companies I know have started with 1 or 2 sales folks managing their own pipeline of leads which have come from them mining their own list of contacts along with [...]

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