Startup Marketing and Sales
by April Dunford

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Product/Market fit and Market/Product fit


Gaining early market traction as a lot to do with getting the right products for your market but it’s also important to define who the early adopting customers are in that market. The way you construct your value propositions, your call to action, how you attract early customers and possibly the look and feel of your early product will be influenced by what you define those early segments to be.

Choosing a New Vertical Market


I sat in on a strategy session this week with a company I am working with that is looking at entering a new vertical market.  A VC moderated the session and shared his methodology for looking at potential new vertical markets and I thought I would share it because I LOVED it. The Bowling Alley […]

Segmentation Redux – Have one but Don’t be a Moron


I got a thoughtful comment on my post called “3 signs your market segmentation might suck” from Rob saying: I worked in a company that had some good software and some smart folks that solved hard problems. They were small, about $5M in revenue and they were in Financial Services, Health Care, Government, Automotive, Transportation, […]

Segmentation – Easy Ways to Get Started


In my last post I said I was going to talk next about how to get started with a decent segmentation.  In my practical experience the whole reason you want to have a few target segments is so you can build company expertise around a particular business problem in a particular market.  This understanding helps […]