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by April Dunford

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Twitter: Is Marketing Doing it Wrong?


Marketers love Twitter these days for a list of reasons including using it converse with customers and influencers, sharing content and driving traffic to websites. There has been so much talk about Twitter in Marketing circles, you would think that everyone would have it figured out by now. I have been a fairly heavy Twitter user for the past couple of years and here are a few things I see folks doing that I believe are just wrong.

Lessons Learned from a Twitter Meltdown


Earlier today I was involved in a Twitter fight which was captured in a few places, including here ( and here (Torontoist) and here (Valleywag.  My version of the events is described in the post – Unhappy Customers Complain.  The apology from the National Post is here. I think I’ve said everything I can on […]

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