Product Marketing: Increasingly Important

Product marketing is misunderstood. When most people think of “marketing” they don’t think of product marketing – they think of branding and communications or advertising. However as companies increase their spending on social media and digital marketing it may be time to invest more in product marketing.

Infographics: 5 Tips for Product Marketers

Infographics have been popular with journalists for years but increasingly marketers are using them to communicate complex ideas or data in an engaging manner that also doesn’t take up a lot of space. Here are some things marketers should think about when creating Infographics

Twitter: Is Marketing Doing it Wrong?

Marketers love Twitter these days for a list of reasons including using it converse with customers and influencers, sharing content and driving traffic to websites. There has been so much talk about Twitter in Marketing circles, you would think that everyone would have it figured out by now. I have been a fairly heavy Twitter user for the past couple of years and here are a few things I see folks doing that I believe are just wrong.

Selling vs. Buying: A Marketing Wake-up Call

The shift in marketing from selling to buying will drive a shift in the way we market and the way we organize marketing departments. Are Messaging, Content, Customer Retention and Visibility getting the focus they deserve from your marketing team?

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