I’m the #1 PM Blogger!

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) held their educational conference this week and hosted a “Battle of the Product Management Bloggers” contest which I was happy to be asked to take part in.  At short notice my travel plans changed and when I let them know I couldn’t make it, they invited me to do my presentation remotely over Skype. Trying to be entertaining without being able to see or hear the audience is goofy!  People walking past my office would have seen me flapping my arms “presenting” at my computer and likely thought I’d done one too many revisions on that Powerpoint deck and finally lost my marbles. The competitors were clearly better than me so I decided to use my product marketing skills to come up with a winning strategy that did not depend on having a superior product. My strategy can be summed up as follows: Deliver silly presentation. Ask people to vote for me. Surprisingly, that worked. So I’m the #1 PM blogger!  The power! The glory! The prizes!  I won a bunch of cool stuff including a “top of Alltop” from Guy Kawasaki, an interview with The Brand Show, an interview with Wayne Hurlburt on Blog Talk Radio, a copy of the Product Management Office Professional from the 280 group, a copy of Morae from TechSmith, a lifetime membership with the AIPMM and some cool swag from MarketeersClub, Overtone, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. The last prize was a catered holiday dinner for 8 people from the Fairmont San Jose!  Woo Hoo!  I’ve got big plans for that one,...

The Heretech Podcast with Me

My mother always said I had a face for radio and lately I’m doing a lot of podcasts.  Here’s a conversation I had with Tom Grant a Sr. Analyst with Forrester Research and the creator of the excellent Heretech podcast.  He calls me a lot of names at the beginning like “ebullient” and “irrepressible” but I don’t hold that against him 🙂 Click here and have a listen. Subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter or...

Marketing Lessons from Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social networking application that’s been described “Twitter for locations.” It lets users subscribe to each other and the information shared is about where you are rather than what you are doing. It’s been rolling out on a city by city basis over the past few months. I finally got a chance to try it and I think there are some interesting things that marketers can learn from foursquare.

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