I speak mainly at startup or marketing oriented conferences on topics related to my experience as a marketing executive at a series of successful startups. If you are looking for a speaker for your conference contact me at aprildunford at gmail dot com

Recent Talks:

International Startup Festival Montreal – Keynote

I gave a keynote talk covering my experiencing from being a head of marketing for a series of startups. My talk “A Systems Approach to Startup Marketing” covered how I approach gathering and modelling customer information and how marketers can use that input to build more sustainable, complete startup marketing plans and programs.  My slides can be seen here.

Marketing Profs University Content Marketing Crash Course – “What Does Storytelling Have to do With Business?”

I did a session on storytelling for Business to Business marketers, specifically on what are the elements of a great story and how to find good stories in your enterprise that you can use in your marketing.

AccelerateTO – Startup Marketing, Sharing Best Practices

I was part of a panel discussion talking about best practices for startup marketers. I drew on my experiences as a head of marketing for several startups (Janna Systems, DataMirror, Infobright, others) and talked about focusing in on a target market and how to use that focus to drive a better integrated marketing plan.

ProductCamp Amsterdam – Keynote

I gave the keynote talk at ProductCamp Amsterdam.  Since the audience was a group of product marketing and product management professionals I gave a talk on how marketing has changed in the past 5 years and how this has dramatically changed the role of product marketing.  View my slides “Marketing is Dead, Long Live Product Marketing”.

Entrepreneur Fest – Keynote

I gave a keynote talk on Startup Marketing 101 where I spoke about the common mistakes that startups make in their marketing.

You can see the slides here and some video of the event can be viewed here.


Startup Weekend Toronto – Startup Marketing panel

I was part of a panel discussing how very early stage startups can get the word out about their products and build an early customer base.

Forrester Research Product Marketing Summit – Keynote

Forrester hosted this meeting as part of their Technology Leadership Boards.  Attendees were CMO and VP of Marketing for technology companies.  My session was on defining a modern product marketing framework.  Some insight from the day and the slides I presented can be seen here.

NxNE Interactive – Panel discussion

Bridging the gap between independent creators and interactivity, NXNEi explores technology and social media as tools to boost ingenuity while enhancing marketing and business.  I was a panelist for the session – Thank you for Being a Friend: Tips, traits and tactics of successful women in tech and social media.

DemoCamp Toronto 26 – Keynote

DemoCamp was designed as a monthly event to bring together designers, developers and entrepreneurs to share what they’ve been working on and to find others in the community that are interested in similar topics.  These events have grown to a monthly gathering of over 400 attendees.  I gave the keynote talk on Startup Marketing 101.  My slides can be seen here.

MeshMarketing – Panel moderator

meshmarketing is a one-day event focused on insights, tools and tactics to help you win customers’ hearts and minds, online. An insightful keynote will lead us into a series of engaging conversations and “show and tell” presentations, as well as in-depth workshops.  I moderated a panel discussion on how Digital, Advertising,and PR agencies differ in their approach to social media.

MeshU – Workshop

meshU is a one-day event of focused workshops on design, development and team management given by those who have earned their stripes in the startup game; people who can talk knowledgeably about everything from interface design to using Amazon’s S3 distributed server network.  I gave a talk called Segmentation, Positioning and Storytelling: How a Smart Market Strategy Can Drive Growth.  The slides I used for this talk can be viewed here.

CNW Breakfast – Keynote

This event was part of a cross Canada series of breakfast seminars put on by CNW Group.  My talk was called A Skeptic’s Guide to Getting Started with Social Media and focused on how traditional marketers at both small and large companies could get started with social media.  The talk included examples of work I did with IBM, Nortel and several startups.  The slides can be viewed here.